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Updated: 14 May 2021


Antique Portable Kogatana (Kogatana-02)


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Title: Antique portable small knife with Netsuke

Signature: NO SIGNED

Length (Approx.) Weight
33 cm (including the case) 125 g

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Title: Antique portable small knife with Netsuke

 This is an antique portable Kogatana (小刀, small knife) that is stored in a cylindrical container. A string is tied to the case, and the Netsuke (根付) is attached to the tip. Netsuke is a fastener that has been used since the Edo period in Japan. It is useful to hang cigarette holders, Inro, pouch, small leather bag etcetera.   

 *As this item is an antique, please check each photo and ensure its condition.


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How to make sure the condition
 We uploaded high resolution photos for you to check its condition thoroughly. If you like to see more photos with different angles, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to send them to you so that you can make informed decision. 


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