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UCHI-GATANA (Katana)was designed as a weapon to stab or thrush opponents during the MUROMACHI-the Edo-period (1333-1868 A.D.). It is relatively shorter than TACHI and worn on the left waist with its blade up. It was usually used in ground-fighting whereas TACHI was being utilized on horseback. Samurai would also use UCHI-GATANA to fight over challenges from others, or apply their martial forces against crimes and anti-government activities in public.

And a high-quality Katana was often given by a feudal lord to his subordinate as a gift for having achieved great success in wars.
It is the most famous type of Japanese sword as well. If the Japanese should envision what a KATANA is, we would imagine this one. Now, all the antique Japanese swords are regarded as pieces of artwork and are allowed to export overseas unless they are national treasures. So many people are enthusiastic about Japanese swords worldwide. Please check our collection below.

Updated: 22 May 2024

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