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Introducing CHIRAN Organic Tea – The Superb Craftsmanship of Chiran Farm Co., Ltd.

Updated: 5 Oct 2022

Chiran – The Town of Tea








 Chiran is a town located in Minami-Kyushu City, Kagoshima Pref which is famous for tea harvest. Kagoshima has the second biggest tea crop in Japan, with Minami-Kyushu ranking at No.1 among all cities in Japan. Chiran is known to have the best weather for producing tea leaf as it is warm, and the soil is very fertile.

CHIRAN Organic Tea: JAS-Certified Healthy & Environment-Friendly Organic Product

Chiran products are mainly made of tea leaves harvested in the JAS-certified(*1) farmland owned by the productive farmer 塗木実雄(Nuruki Mitsuo), who has been in the tea agriculture industry for half a century and now runs Chiran Farm Co., Ltd. Chiran tea delivers a natural flavor and pleasant lasting taste that draws you into the true essence of authentic tea.


All their products are processed in “Ara-Cha Style“(*2) at Nuruki Tea Factory Ltd, which passed the JAS-certificate for processed organic food products. Nuruki Tea Factory is a long-established tea factory that has operated for over 100 years. We guarantee you quality products in which the artistry of the traditional tea producer lives.

*1…The organic JAS logo can only be applied by registered business entities that have been certified by the Accredited certification body to verify that organic foods are produced in compliance with JAS.

More on JAS:






*2… To process the harvested tea leaves into the preservable powder shape. You need to process them into different forms depending on the types of tea.

□Chiran’s Pride in Tea-Producing








The first essential for Chiran Farm is its rich soil. They aim to achieve safe and environment-friendly tea production, not depending on pesticides nor chemical fertilizers.
Chiran Farm specializes in utilizing organic nutrition such as sunlight, water, soil, and natural food-chain.
They apply byproducts of the human diet (i.e., rice peels, rice bran, oil waste, fish waste, bonito soup) to make them into fertilizer by fermenting the ingredients for 6-12 months, mixing them up with EM(*2)-bacteria and water.
By fertilizing the soil with bacteria, Chiran Farm can acquire its own biosystem surrounded by countless lives protecting their place to live.









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