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Authentic Japanese Sword

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    Made in Japan Free Shipping Worldwide SIGNED【MUMEI】無銘 REGISTRATION 【NO. GIFU21869】 LENGTH【33.0cm】 CURVATURE【0.5cm】

  • $4,164.04

    Made in Japan Free Shipping Worldwide SIGNED【SUKENAGA】祐永 REGISTRATION 【NO. GIFU59401】 LENGTH【41.8cm】 CURVATURE【1.3cm】  

  • $4,487.91

    Made in Japan Free Shipping Worldwide SIGNED【ISHIHARA KANENAO】石原兼直 PERIOD【early SHOWA】 REGISTRATION 【NO. TOKYO78951】 CERTIFICATE【 — 】 LOCATION【SEKI;GIFU Pref.】 LENGTH【75.8cm】 CURVATURE【2.1cm】 HAMON【TOGARIGUNOME (abrupt undulating with pointed shapes)】 JIMON【Closed grained】 ———- ———- ———- ———- ———- DESCRIPTION This is a very fine WWⅡ Army KATANA and it has a tremendous curvature and is rather long(75.8cm). During WWⅡ many swordsmith worked at SEKI province to supply qualified swords for their soldiers. He was also designated by Japanese military for the high class swordsmith. His blade is popular among with military swords collectors. The KOSHIRAE MOUNTINGS are antique SAMURAI style KATANA. Tsuba is made out of iron and its design is a sculptured DRAGON. The…




    Made in Japan Free Shipping Worldwide SIGNED【TSUNAMUNE】綱宗 Registration NO. TOKYO249546 < SWORD SIZE > Length:63.5cm Curvature:0.53cm  

  • $5,366.99

    Made in Japan Free Shipping Worldwide SIGNED【KASHUJYU KANEHARU SAKU】加州住 兼春 作 PERIOD【early EDO(1624~1643)】 REGISTRATION 【NO. OKAYAMA125616】 CERTIFICATE【NBTHK(日本美術刀剣保存協会)HOZON(保存)】 LOCATION【KAGA;ISHIKAWA Pref.】 LENGTH【63.8cm】 CURVATURE【1.5cm】 HAMON【Long wave temperline with random waves】 JIMON【Closed wood grain pattern】 ———- ———- ———- ———- ———- DESCRIPTION In the last years of the warring states period and the SHINTOU ERA, part of MINO and ECHIZEN SEKI swordsmithes had moved to KAGA, especially in a castle town KANAZAWA. KANEHARU was also one of them and flourished. They have called KAGASEKI. Iron TSUBA and iron FUCHI-KASHIRA were inlaid with arabesdque design gold. Iron family crest MENUKI were inlaid with gold. The brownish SCABBARD has iron KOJIRI which’s also inlaid with same srabesque…

  • $4,719.25

    Made in Japan Free Shipping Worldwide SIGNED【NOUSHU MINAMOTO KANEUJI】濃州志津三郎十九代孫源兼氏 PERIOD【EDO(1844~1847)】 REGISTRATION 【NO. SHIZUOKA30553】 CERTIFICATE【NTHK(日本刀剣保存協会)】 A sword designed as Authentic by the Society for the Preservation of the Japanese sword. LOCATION【MINO;GIFU Pref.】 LENGTH【69.3cm】 CURVATURE【1.0cm】 HAMON【Small waves and pointed shapes protruding from Hamon with  extending legs towords the cutting edge.】 JIMON【Closed wood grain pattern】 ———- ———- ———- ———- ———- DESCRIPTION This KANEUJI is the 19th generations of SHIZUSABUROU KANEUJI. The first generation KANEUJI was one of high class pupils of MASAMUNE(政宗十哲)<MASAMUNE JYUTTETSU>. His own country was YAMATO(NARA Pref.) and signature was 包氏(KANEUJI). Later he moved to MINO SHIZU village and changed his name to SHIZUSABUROU KANEUJI(志津三郎兼氏).    

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    Made in Japan Free Shipping Worldwide SIGNED【HIDENAGA】秀永 PERIOD【EDO(1830~1843)】 REGISTRATION 【NO. MIE53440】 CERTIFICATE【NTHK(日本刀剣保存会)】 A sword designed as Authentic by the society for The Preservation of Japanese sword. LOCATION【MUSASHI;TOKYO Pref.】 LENGTH【70.5cm】 CURVATURE【1.1cm】 HAMON【Abrupt undulating with pointed shapes】 JIMON【small wood grain pattern】 ———- ———- ———- ———- ———- DESCRIPTION HIDENAGA was a pupil of SUISHINSHI MASAHIDE(水心子正秀)who was a top class swordsmith in shinshintou era. MASAHIDE was called the founder of SHINSHINTOU. He had made an effort to make swords by the restoration sword forgging method. The SUISHINSHI MASAHIDE SCHOOL had been trained more than one hundred swordsmithes. TSUBA is made out of iron and its design is the picture of a butterfly and a…

  • $5,274.46

    Made in Japan Free Shipping Worldwide SIGNED【KAWAI HISAYUKI】川井久幸 CERTIFICARE : NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon SWORDSMITH : Kawai Hisayuki LOCATION : MUSASHINOKUNI (TOKYO Pref.) Registration NO. CHIBA15828 < SWORD SIZE > Length:39.7cm Curvature:0.6cm Signature:(Front) 75 years old FUJIWARA HISAYUKI made (Back) ANSEI 1860 peach blossoms season Hamon:Straight temperline with large waves Jimon:Closed – grained Fuchi-Kashira:A fisherman and plovers inlaying on shakudou base. Menuki:Carving nuts out of sakudou metal. Tsuba:A round shakudou MIGAKIJI (polished surface) with openwork butterfly & cherryblossom Scabbard:Lacquered in black KAWAI HISAYUKI belonged to HOSOKAWA MASAYOSHI SCHOOL. He lived in KOISHIKAWA, EDO and was a master Japanese swordmanship. He studayed swordmaking under IKKANSAI YOSHIHIRO (一貫斎義弘)and SHIMIZU HISAYUKI (清水久義).

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    Made in Japan Free Shipping Worldwide NO SIGNED【 — 】 SWORDSMITH【JYUMYO】寿命 PERIOD【EDO】 REGISTRATION 【NO. TOKYO297564】 CERTIFICATE【NBTHK(日本美術刀剣保存協会)HOZON(保存)】 A sword worthy of preserving issued by the Society for the Preservation of the Japan Art Sword. LOCATION【MINO;GIFU Pref.】 LENGTH【69.5cm】 CURVATURE【2.2cm】 HAMON【Small waves】 JIMON【Closed grain】 ———- ———- ———- ———- ———- DESCRIPTION The JYUMYO school has its origins from YAMATO(NARA Pref.) and moved to MINO province in KAMAKURA period. The tradition continued for centuries right up until the end of EDO period. Their name “JYUMYO” means life span or longevity. As it’s meaning is so hopeful, their swords were prized as celebrated gift to DAIMYO great families among the SAMURAI society. This is a quality SAMURAI…


    Made in Japan Free Shipping Worldwide NO SIGNED【YASUTSUGU】康継 EDO PERIOD(江戸時代;KANBUN 1661~1672 寛文頃) Certification:NTHK Swordsmith:3rd Generation YASUTSUGU(三代 康継) Location:MUSASHINOKUNI【TOKYO, SAITAMA Pref.】 The 1st generation YASUTSUGU had signed “ECHIZEN SHIMOSAKA” then moved to EDO. The SHOUGUN TOKUGAWA IEYASU gave him to use “YASU” of “IEYASU” for his signature and the hollyhock crest. So his name was changed to YASUTSUGU. 3rd generation YASUTSUGU is a son of 2nd generation YASUTSUGU. NO SIGNED【NAOMITSU】直光 EDO PERIOD(江戸時代;ANSEI 1854~1859 安政頃) Certification:NTHK Swordsmith:HOSODA NAOMITSU(細田 直光) Location:MUSASHINOKUNI【TOKYO, SAITAMA Pref.】 HOSODA NAOMITSU belonged to NAOTANE group. TAIKEI NAOTANE is top class swordsmith at SHINSHINTOU ERA. The original name of HOSODA is “HOSODA HEIJIROI(細田 平次郎)”. He was often called “KAJIHEI(鍛冶平), because he…

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    Made in Japan Free Shipping Worldwide CERTIFICARE : NBTHK TokubetuHozon SWORDSMITH : Bizentarou Sukekane LOCATION : Bizen (OKAYAMA Pref.) This blade is a shinogizukuri with iori-mune. This is a very worthy signed KATANA. The signature〔備前太郎祐包謹鍛之〕means bizentarou Sukekane made this blade very carefully. 〔明治四十三年戌八月日〕〔友成六十代正統〕 means he made this blade at MEIJI 43 years(1910)August and I’m the 60 generations swordsmith of 古備前 “TOMONARI”(HEIAN 987~). BIZENTAROU SUKEKANE was a swordsmith from SHINSHINTOU ERA、towards the end of MEIJI period―a time of great political and cultural change in Japan. The brilliant Koshirae also has a NBTHK Tokubetu Kichou Kodougu Certification, The fuchi-kashira (hilt fitting) is carved in high relief of a family crest on Shakudou…

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    Made in Japan Free Shipping Worldwide SIGNED〔HASHUUJYUU YUKIFUSA 羽州住 行房〕KEIOU Period(1865~  慶応頃~) CERTIFICATE : NBTHK HOZON(katana & wakizashi) SWORDSMITH : HASHUU YUKIFUSA LOCATION : DEWA 出羽 〔 AKITA & YAMAGATA] The blade is shinogi-zukuri with a iorimune. The singed WAKIZASHI is HASHUU-SAN YUKIFUSA(羽州産行房). It means YUKIFUSA was born in DEWA. The sined KATANA is HASHUUJYUU YUKIFUSA (羽州住行房). It is almost same meaning. JYUU(住)means living. These are Antique DAISHOU KOSHIRAE with both scabbard made of black lacqured Sharkskin. These hilt fitting are shakudou which have curved design of autumn leaves and insect with signed “HITOYANAGI OOSATO”(一柳 大里)【late EDO】.The antique menuki are gold colored leaves and flowers. The DAISHOU TUBA are shakudou with open…