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Reviews from our customers who purchased authentic Japanese swords

Updated: 21 Jul 2024

 In this page, we would like to share reviews we received from our customers in the past. We have shipped more than 500 antique Japanese swords to those who appreciate their historical values. And, we are showing you the reviews below for you to make an informed decision when you are interested in acquiring a piece of Samurai history from us. We will always be happy to help you choose the sword you will cherish for many years.


■Customer from Kansas, USA
“My experience overall with the whole process was wonderful. I had many questions about the history and process to purchase these treasures. All my questions were answered very timely and complete. The staff is very knowledgeable and very well versed if any questions do arise.”

■Customer from the UK
“I had the honour and privilege of unwrapping the sword… what a treasure. You did a beautiful job in the presentation. The silks are a work of art, particularly the one wrapping the koshirae.The blade is almost perfect, which is remarkable after 300 years. I feel this sword has a soul. I feel the history associated with it and am humbled by its provenance.Thank you all so much.”

■Customer from Texas, USA
“I recently purchased a sword from this seller and I must say that the entire experience was excellent, professional, and informative. The item arrived extremely well packaged and once shipped it arrived extremely fast (1 week). The entire staff is courteous, knowledgeable, and willing to answer any questions/emails in a timely manner. They are also willing to accommodate buyer request. If you are looking for a genuine piece of Japanese history with authenticity then look no further.”

■Customer from the UK
“I just received my Katana and I am so pleased. It is beautiful and everything as described by you was true and correct. I will honor and cherish this piece of Culture and History in my home. I will stay in touch and keep looking at your inventory for additional antiques, I would like to add some more pieces. Again, Thank You so much!!!!”

■Customer from Florida, USA
“I have received the katana and it is in excellent condition. The blade is stunning and I am proud to be an owner of such a great antique. Katanas are some of the coolest things mankind has ever made. If I ever get the opportunity to purchase another antique sword, I would definitely buy it from your shop again. The customer service and quality of the product were exceptional. (see pictures below)!”

■Customer from Germany
“I received my authentic Japanese katana.  It is beautiful.  I absolutely love it.  This sword will be displayed proudly in my home and passed on to my son when that time comes.”

■Customer from Mississippi, USA
“It was outstanding. Nothing short from what I would expect from Japanese people. Takaoki-san and Gin-san treated me to the best purchasing experience I’ve ever had. They were honorable, humble and dedicated to duty. I felt like a family member. I would highly recommend the Samurai Museam Shop to anyone looking to purchase an authentic antique Japanese sword with certification paper work.”

■Customer from Washington, USA
“I received the katana a few weeks ago and I absolutely love it! I only finished gathering everything for my display today so I thought I’d share the finished product. Soon the folder with the cherry blossoms on it will have all the info that was sent in the pdf. That way anyone I show can easily learn a lot of its history. Thank you again for everything, when I visit Japan I will make sure to stop by.”

■Customer from Australia
“I would like to thank you for all your help on making this as smooth as process as possible, for firstly for me to purchase the swords confidently from your business and the smooth delivery. I couldn’t of asked for a better person to manage this process the way it was and communicate like you have with me.”

■Customer from  Florida, USA
“I received the beautiful sword very quickly. Thank you so much Gin-san and Takaoki-san for helping make a dream come true. I will be forever grateful to you both and will cherish and care for this wonderful sword. I am in complete awe right now and words can not describe my feelings. It was an honor doing business with you and I look forward to more business with you in the future.”

■Customer from Japan (he is from USA)
“I received the katana and was able to unpack and assemble it. It’s a beautiful sword, no damages and everything was packaged very well. Thank you. I appreciate all of the help you and your team provided.”

■Customer from Florida, USA
“I have purchased three swords from you and have never been disappointed.”

■Customer from  Illinois, USA
“I received the sword I ran home like it was my birthday : ) Everything was packaged great. I inspected the tanto and I am very happy with it. I feel like a part of my life has been complete. I often contemplate if perhaps I was Japanese in a different life. Thank you so much- attention to detail always makes me appreciate the small things in life. I do hope to visit Japan someday. Stay safe and healthy.”

■Customer from Finland
“The sword is magnificent! It is a great honour to be an owner of such a masterpiece. Indeed, I am proud to be trusted to preserve it for coming generations. I will explicitly state in my testament how it has to be taken care of when I am not able to do it myself anymore. Even if the pictures on the web pages are great, it is always different to see it in reality. It is incredible how well it has been preserved up to now. It looks like it could have been made this year.”

■Customer from Hawaii, USA
“Such a beautiful piece of Japanese art and culture! The shop took such great care in helping me with this purchase, my first. Takaoki-San and the rest of the team are amazing and easy to work with. Great job guys!”

■ Customer from Washington, USA
“I am enjoying the swords I have received form you and I greatly appreciate there beauty and the peace they bring to my home.  I find my self wondering about the people who previously cared for these swords and the connection I feel toward  them through the swords.”

■Customer from Illinois, USA

“Just one word: Phenomenal!”

■ Customer from the UK

10/10. They went above and beyond all expectations. Would recommend to anyone in the market for Nihonto shinken.

■Customer from Georgia, USA
“I wanted to let you know the swords have arrived safely and I had the privilege to unwrap them very carefully. I really appreciated how well you all packaged them in these PVC pipes. They were very well sealed when I received them and I had to remove the end caps with a Dremel carefully and successfully. The swords were very well packaged and preserved inside. I really enjoyed reassembling them as well, appreciating their craftsmanship and detailed artwork. I was careful and wore gloves and made sure I reassembled the wooden pins perfectly where they were intended. I can’t tell you how impressed I am with these beautiful antique heirloom Japanese swords. They are beyond my expectations and I am very proud to own them. I already have them proudly presented in our home. Once again, thank you so much for these incredible pieces which we will cherish forever. ”

■ Customer from Australia

I have had an excellent experience purchasing a katana from Samurai Museum, and would recommend this website to anyone interested in authentic Japanese swords and Japanese history. Both Gin-san and Takaoki-san were extremely helpful and knowledgeable; they answered every one of my questions about the katana, and I am very grateful for the help. The katana arrived perfectly and the packaging was impeccable. I look forward to more purchases in the future, and taking care of this magnificent katana for many years to come.

Thank you for reading the reviews from those who purchased authentic Japanese swords on our website. We hope you will find them helpful. We are always happy to be of your assistance. It will be our pleasure to help you choose the sword that will speak to you.

If you are interested in available swords on our website, please feel free to click the images below.


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