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The Daisho was a set of long and short swords, worn by Samurai warriors. The long sword is called Katana and the short one is called Wakizashi. During the Edo period(1603-1868), when the Samurai prospered as the warrior class, Only were the Samurai allowed to carry a set of these swords.

Long Sword
■Size : Blade: Approx. 78 cm , Handle: 30 cm , Overall: 108 cm
■Weight: Approx. 1.2 kg (1.5 kg including its package weight)

Short Sword
■Size : Blade: Approx. 52 cm, Handle: 18 cm, Overall 70cm
■Weight: Approx. 0.9 kg (1.2 kg including package weight)

*1 inch=2.54 cm, 1.0 kg=2.205 pounds

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This sword is a replica sword and there is no cutting edge on the blade. It is considered as a decoration.
We have been able to ship these replica swords to many countries.
If you like to know whereabout we have shipped these replica swords to, please check the link below.


【Product Description】
■The material of the blade: Zinc alloy
■The scabbard material: Black colored hard wood
■Tang Material: Replica ray skin(white) laced with black thread
■Tsuba(hand guard) : Metal alloy
■Menuki(sword decoration inside the lacing) : Metal alloy
■Fuchigashira material(sword decoration on the bottom of the tang) :Metal alloy(dragon decoration)


Please read the information below before you make a purchase
1、What not included
The sword stand in the picture does not come with the sword. We also sell the sword stand.
The price is just for the long and short sword in the picture.


2、Shipping Duration
We ship via EMS(Japanese Postal Service). It normally takes at least 5-14 days to receive any packages after you place an order.
It might take longer depending on the season or custom clearance. We will inform your order’s tracking number via email.


Although this is a replica sword, you could hurt people if misused.
You cannot disassemble or adjust this sword. This sword is only for decoration.


Please make sure the country in which you live permits you to import replica swords before you make a purchase.
We can answer which countries we have successfully shipped before if asked.

Only 2 left in stock



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