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How to buy an authentic Japanese Sword from our shop

<Exporting process>

We can ship authentic Japanese swords to the countries where EMS provides their service. However, sometimes airlines would reject carrying edged tools in their airplanes, depending on the areas. In this case, we ship it by surface mail instead.

The lists of the countries

It takes up to 2-3 months before you receive an authentic sword from us via EMS. ( including the process for getting an export permit from the Japanese government.) And it takes up to 4-6 months if we ship by surface mail.

If you like to make sure that we can ship a real sword to your address by EMS, please contact us with your address information before buying it.

Japanese post office can ship a sword from Japan to the destination without issues as we get an export permit before sending it.

Typically, your local post office will be in charge of shipping a sword to your address after it arrives in the country where you live. There are a few exceptions in some countries. If you have any concerns, please feel free to ask us before making a purchase.



As mentioned above, an authentic Japanese sword will go through Japanese customs without any problems. However, it is difficult for us to know your local laws

Please ask your local police department or Ministry of Justice to confirm that owning an antique Japanese sword is allowed.

In some cases, you must have a unique license to own a sword or obtain an import permit from its governmental organization.

If the sword were confiscated by the police and other authorities for its misuse, we would not be held accountable for issuing any refunds nor insurance.



An international order may cause custom duties on its arrival in your country. Any customs fees for a real sword are your responsibility. If you like to check how much it would be charged, please ask your local customs office.

Real swords we deal with on our website are at least 100 years old antique items.



On both cases (shipping by EMS or surface mail), you can make an insurance claim on the sword you purchased.

The maximum amount covered by its insurance is equal to the price of the sword. The insurance applies if your shipment is lost, damaged, or missing contents.

If the sword turned out to be damaged, you could receive its insurance after EMS has investigated the situation and proved the item got damaged during its shipping.

Insurance would not be paid more than the written amount on the shipping document, which is the price of the sword.

To make an insurance claim, not only our shop but also the purchaser need to talk to the shipping carrier or submit a couple of paperwork.


<When the sword you had bought returned to Japan>

You can track where your item is online by using a tracking number provided by our museum. Please check your shipping progress after we send shipping notice email to you.

Provided that the sword you bought returns to our museum due to its expiration of the storage period, we will charge you 30,000 yen to reship.

There will be the same charge if the item is returned owing to mistakes made by a shipping carrier in where you live.


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