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Authentic Japanese Sword / Katana

The Japanese sword, domestically known as Katana, has always been a part of over a thousand years of Samurai’s legacy. What initially took as Samurai’s weapon is now one of the most iconic cultural symbols.

The word Katana has long been spread all around the world. And the fact that today’s citizens are blessed to experience Katana’s profound culture is all thanks to our ancestors. That includes Samurai themselves, the smiths, and feudal lords, who strived to give light to the aesthetic side of it.
Their contribution to our living is never to be forgotten, and you are here to witness everything about the live-breathing and majesty of Katana.

We provide you all sorts of authentic Japanese swords, such as the old ones from 5-6 centuries ago to the brand-new works of modern swordsmiths whose techniques have been sent down from the past generation. You can not only click the purchase button but get professional guidance on buying the sword of your life.

Buying the Japanese sword will surely bring you a new insight into your philosophy-our shop stand on the belief.

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Updated: 19 Apr 2024

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