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Antique Samurai Helmet(Kabuto)


Made in Japan
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Vertical Width Height Weight
28cn 30cm 34 cm 3.5 kg

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Antique Samurai Helmet

Period; The middle of the Edo Period

Prime Material: Iron

This type of helmet is called Momo Gata Kabuto. Momo gata means peached Shaped, and Kabuto means helmet. Since the end of the Muromachi period, this type of helmet became popular. It was easier to produce and more practical. In the beginning, this style of helmet was inspired by western style helmets. Unlike traditional Samurai helmets like Suji Kabuto(multi-layered iron-plated helmet), Momo Gata Kabuto is categorized as Kawari Kabuto(extraordinary looking helmet). Especially in the Edo period, so many shapes of Samurai helmets were created as the metalwork technique became more refined.
We believe the front decoration of this helmet was based on Hachimaki Musubi Gashira(鉢巻結頭), which was a knot for Samurai to fix his hat called Eboshi(烏帽子). Samurai first wore Eboshi and tied it with this knot and put a helmet during the Kamakura-Muromachi period. It is made of wood coated with gold leaf.

Only 1 left in stock



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