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Updated: 12 Jun 2021


Antique Fenghuang motif Incense Burner


Made in Japan
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Title: Two Fenghuang Kouro

Maker: Kyo Kinko Shi (Metalworker in Kyoto Prefecture)
Material: Silver

Two fenghuang are engraved on this Kouro. They have elegant and gorgeous appearance. Fenghuang is called Houou in Japanese. Houou is a member of four fantasy animals which is called “Shirei” with Kirin (Qilin), Kame (Turtle) and Ryu (Dragon)and it’s a god beast looks like a combination of chicken and peacock. It was considered an auspicious sign, and it was believed that Houou would show up when the brilliant emperor appeared. People appreciate its graceful shape in Japan.

Size Weight
11 cm×10.3 cm 775 g


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Title: Two Fenghuang Kouro

  inscribed a letter “銀” which means silver


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