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Black colored Scraped-off style sake cup


Made in Japan
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It is a big sake cup whose color is red and black and the design is based on Samurai. By erasing the luster made by glaze, this sake cup looks sophisticated.

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Agano Yaki (Agano ware)
Place of production: Fukuchi town, Fukuoka prefecture
The circumstances: After battle of Sekigahara, Edo Shogunate forced relocation of a Daimyo to a different domain. Hosokawa Tadaoki became the new Daimyo of Buzen. Hosokawa clan invited Korean potter Son-Kai to make potteries. Hosokawa Tadaoki learned Sado directly from Sen-no-Rikyu and well known as most particular Daimyo of Sado. So the Agano-Yaki were refined to satisfy Tadaoki’s eye. Agano-Yaki is also one of Enshu 7 kiln liked by Kobori Enshu, the noble Japanese Sado artist. The theme of Agano Yaki is ‘simple, silence’ as Wabi-Sabi tea ware. You can take a look on green color by using copper graze. Vortex pattern called “Hidari-Tomoe” is engraved on base. This was caused spontaneous when forming the clays but also became to be used as the sign of Agano-Yaki potters.

Only 1 left in stock



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