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Takatori Yaki (Takatori ware) – The history of Takatori

Updated: 29 May 2024

Takatori Yaki (Takatori ware) Place of production: Fukuoka city, Fukuoka Prefecture

The story: Kuroda Nagamasa, the famous fedual lord, invited a Korean potter named “Hachizan” to Chikuzen Fukuoka domain and ordered him to make potteries. Hachizan opened kilns one after another and produced what was best for each area.

During the Edo period, Takatori-Yaki developed under the auspice of Kuroda clan. Also, it received advice regarding the pottery techniques from Kobori Enshu(小堀遠州), a noble Japanese Sado artist, who picked Takatori kiln as one of seven his favorite kilns.

What makes Takatori-Yaki special is its use of seven different kinds of color glazes. Moreover, it produces a high note as if it was porcelain when flicking one’s fingers at it. This is because Takatori-Yaki is made very thin although it has layers of glazes. (Takatori-Yaki is earthenware)

Takatori-Yaki is thought to be a decorative teaware however it is famous for its smooth texture to enjoy having a cup of tea.


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