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Updated: 28 Sep 2023



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Samurai Museum Original design T-Shirt.

Size Chart

Body Length 66 cm

26.0 inches

70 cm

27.6 inches

74 cm

29.1 inches

78 cm

30.7 inches

82 cm

32.3 inches

Body Width 49 cm

19.3 inches

52 cm

20.5 inches

55 cm

21.7 inches

58 cm

22.8 inches

61 cm

24.0 inches

Shoulder Width 44 cm

17.3 inches

47 cm

18.5 inches

50 cm

19.7 inches

53 cm

20.9 inches

56 cm

22.0 inches

Sleeve Length 19 cm

7.5 inches

20 cm

7.9 inches

22 cm

8.7 inches

24 cm

9.4 inches

26 cm

10.2 inches


Samurai Museum Original Design T-Shirt


 Oda Nobunaga is one of the most famous Samurai in Japan. He is known as one of the three unifiers of Japan during the warring state period.He is famous for his violent temper or nickname “Owari no Utsuke,” meaning, bonehead of Owari (Aichi Pref.) He was born in Owari in 1534 and succeeded as head of the family at the age of 18 because of his father’s sudden death. He was always at the forefront of the battle, although he was the general and extended his power.

 Nobunaga enjoyed interacting with ordinary citizens without distinction of ranks. That was one of the reasons why people made a fool of him as a blockhead. One day, Nobunaga encountered a street homeless and asked people in that village to help this homeless to get food, clothing, and shelter. He was very kind and considerate of the socially disadvantaged while Nobunaga was also known as being strict to his vassals.

 Nobunaga promoted reforms of military affairs actively. He hired soldiers who were engaged in battles and tried to make professional corps. Of course it costs a lot, but carried it out by receiving more and more revenue from tax. As he maintained highways, the distribution in his area became active. Also, he worked on Nanban trade (Japan’s trade with European countries) and received good income. We can say that he was a clear-headed person. However, he was defeated by one of his vassals, Mitsuhide Akechi and passed away at the age of 49. He couldn’t fulfill his goal.

About us
Samurai Museum is located in Tokyo, Japan, exhibiting antique artifacts related to the Samurai history. Samurai Museum Shop is the place for those who are interested in Japanese culture and craftsmanship. We deal with antique Samurai swords/armor, original Japanese sword mounting, traditional crafts made in Japan and so on. 

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We ship via EMS (Japanese Postal Service). It normally takes at least 5-14 days to receive any packages after you place an order.
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Weight 500 g