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Sakai Damascus Petty cooker knife(130 mm)


Made in Japan
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Knife Model:Sakai Damascus Petty cooker knife(130 mm)
Blade Material: Stainless
Blade Grind and Edge Shape: Double Edge
Handle Material: Magnolia/Water Buffalo(black part)

*This is a hand-made product and it might take 2 weeks to 2 months to restock it once it is sold out.

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Petty Cooking Knife 130 mm
Cutting edge length:130 mm
Total Length:250 mm
Blade Thickness:2 mm
Blade Width:28 mm
Handle Length:110 mm
Total Weight:100 g(200 g including its package)

*This cooking knife is hand-made therefore each one has slightly different length.

Petty knife (double-edged)
A Petty knife is a smaller version of GYUTO(牛刀). As the knife is short, you can easily handle it.
The main aim of this knife is to peel or cut fruits but the sharpness is as excellent as GYUTO, so if you like, you can cut meats, fish and so forth.
However, the length of its edge is just 9-15 cm. Therefore, this would do its job best when you are trying to make small decoration by cutting vegetables or fruits.
Other Types of Japanese Cooking Knives

Weight 500 g


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