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Sakai AO-2 Iwakuni Santoku cooker knife(180 mm)


Made in Japan
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Knife Model:Sakai AO-2 Iwakuni Santoku cooker knife(180 mm)
Blade Material: AO-2(Yasukihagane:Steel)
Blade Grind and Edge Shape: Double Edge
Handle Material: Magnolia/Water Buffalo(black part)

*This is a hand-made product and it might take 2 weeks to 2 months to restock it once it is sold out.

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Santoku Cooking Knife 180 mm
Cutting edge length:180 mm
Total Length:320 mm
Blade Thickness:3.5 mm
Blade Width:48 mm
Handle Length:135 mm
Total Weight:250 g(350 g including its package)

*This cooking knife is hand-made therefore each one has slightly different length.

SANTOKU knife (double-edged)
SANTOKU(三徳) knife is a double-edged knife and can be used for cutting any sorts of ingredients such as meats, vegetables, and fish. This type of knife is the most popular knife in most Japanese homes because of its facility.
There are two parts of this knife (straight edge and curved edge).The straight edge is suitable for cutting vegetables, and the tip of a curved side is ideal for push cutting meats. SANTOKU is said to be an all-purpose knife that borrows a good part from each type of knife. That means if you take a look at individual usage, you can find a more suited knife.
Other Types of Japanese Cooking Knives

The material
Ao-kami series consists of carbon, chrome, and tungsten to get wearing resistance and easiness to forge in heat. Ao-kami is still regarded as steel however it is a new generation steel, compared to Shiro-kami series. It will not wear down as quickly as Shiro-kami series. Also, the sharpness will be kept longer than Shiro-kami series.

Weight 500 g

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