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Authentic Japanese Sword signed by Ichihara Nagamitsu


Made in Japan
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Authentic Japanese Sword
The price of authentic Japanese swords is a lot higher than Japanese imitation swords.
All of them were hand-forged, and most of the swords sold on our website are antique swords, which are at least 150 years old or older. Also, the blades are made of Japanese special carbon steel called TAMAHAGANE. That means the swords are edged, and some of them are super sharp.

All the Japanese swords are considered cultural assets for Japanese Cultural Agency. Therefore, we will need to obtain its export permit from them before we ship the sword abroad. It will take about 4-6 weeks to receive this permit. Including the shipping time, we would like you to expect at least 1.5-2.0 months to receive the sword you order.

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Ichihara NAGAMITSU was designated by Japanese military for high
class swordsmith. He was also called “一龍子 長光”(ichiryuushi nagamitsu). His blade is popular among with military swords collector.

This is a quality samurai sword blessed with a beautiful set of
Koshirae. The Fuchikashira is designed KARASU-URI(a snake guard)
on shakudou-nanakoji. Also MENUKI are gold colored snake guard.
The scabbard is lacqured in black with ishimeji (stone surface).
TSUBA is made out of iron and its design is flower and butterfly
with carved gold and silver color metals.

Length 65.4cm
Curvature 1.6cm
Hamon Wild wavy temper line with clove blossoms and extending legs (ASHI)
Jihada Close-grained with mixed straight grain


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