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The one and only TSUBA Clock with NBTHK Hozon Certificate(T-81)


Made in Japan
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Certified TSUBA Clock that has Utility model registered
The Only in the World

The Table Clock that is the only one in the world(registration number: 3221447)
Samurai Museum presents the one and only antique TSUBA Clock in the world with a registered utility model. If you are looking for having a piece of Samurai history that is one of the kind, this is the best item to buy. Instead of just displaying this TSUBA, why don’t you use it as a clock that marks the passage of time together?

To produce TSUBA Clock, we use valuable TSUBA. These Tsubas were preserved by Samurai descendant’s houses for generations. We recommend you purchase this TSUBA Clock for yourself, your family members or significant others so that checking the time would be more pleasant. The beauty of TSUBA never ceases to amaze you.

What is TSUBA?
TSUBA is one of the most integral sword fittings for Japanese sword that is the symbol of Samurai. It is located between its blade and handle, working as the protection for its user’s hands. Samurai put different kinds of TSUBA based on preferences in the Samurai period(1185-1868).TSUBA became more sophisticated and artistic during the Edo period(1603-1868), when the technique of Japanese metalwork improved dramatically because of long-lasted peaceful time. Some of the techniques no longer exist today.Each TSUBA is unique and it is considered valuable antique that has been beloved and appreciated

TSUBA, which was once made by Japanese Metal Workers in the Samurai period, is now brought back to life by our brand-new product TSUBA Clock. We use TSUBA as a Clock Face and put clock hands in NAKAGO ANA(center hole), which was originally made for inserting Japanese sword. In order to acquire Utility Model Registration Patent(number3221447), we prepared a lot of documents and made a lot of efforts. And, finally we are able to sell this special product on our online shop.

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