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The original sword of this design was used by TOYOTOMI HIDEYOSHI, who unified Japan at the end of 16th century. Initially, he was born as a farmer’s son but was eventually able to become a general because of his confidence and cleverness. He was working for the famous warlord, NOBUNAGA ODA.

■Size : Approx. 78cm” blade, 30cm” handle & overall 108cm
■Weight: Approx. 1.2kg (1.5kg including package weight)

*1 inch=2.54cm, 1.0 kg=2.205 pounds
*if this item is shown as back-order, it might take 2-3 weeks for us to restock it.
In this case, we will inform you via email.


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■Size: Approx. 78 cm” blade, 30 cm” handle & overall 108 cm
■Weight: Approx. 1.2 kg (1.5 kg including package weight)
■The material of the blade: Zinc Alloy
■Scabbard material: hardwood colored with bright orange and gold
■Tang Material: Replica ray skin(bright orange) laced with black fabric
■Tsuba(handguard): Metal Alloy overlaid with gold
■Menuki(sword decoration inside the lacing): Metal Alloy overlaid with silver
■Fuchigashira material(sword decoration at the bottom of the tang): metal alloy overlaid with silver(dragon decoration)
*The sword stand in the picture does not come with the sword.

1、Although this is a replica sword, you could hurt people if misused.
2、You cannot disassemble or adjust this sword.

Here is the list of countries where we have information that customers cannot import replica swords.
Russia, China (except Hong Kong), Korea, UK

We would not be responsible if the custom seized the sword you had purchased from us under any circumstances.
Please make sure the country in which you live permits you to import replica swords before you make a purchase. On a further note, sometimes you will be required to obtain a document from your legal authority to receive a replica sword.We can answer which countries we have successfully shipped before if asked.

*Side note
If you like to make sure if we have stock of a sword you will order, please contact us first before you make a purchase.



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