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HESHIKIRI HASEBE is the name of the sword forged during NANBOKUCHO period(1336-1392 A.D.). The original sword of this design is registered as a national treasure. It was used by one of the most famous warlords, ODA NOBUNAGA and then handed down to HIDEYOSHI TOYOTOMI, and eventually, NAGAMASA KURODA took over this sword.

The origin of the name of the sword “HESHIKIRI HASEBE” is quite impressive.
One day, ODA NOBUNAGA found one of his servants making a terrible mistake. And then ODA got angry and started to chase him to make a punishment, but the servant managed to escape and hide in a cupboard. ODA wanted to swing his sword to kill this servant but he couldn’t because space was insufficient. Instead, he merely pushed his sword on the cupboard to cut. Surprisingly enough, he was able to cut the cupboard and his servant’s body in half.
This anecdote shows us how sharp his sword was. In Japanese push, cutting is called Heshikiri. The name of the sword is coming from this incident and Hasebe is the name of the swordsmith.

■Size : Blade: Approx. 78 cm , Handle: 30 cm , Overall: 108 cm
■Weight: Approx. 1.2 kg (1.5 kg including its package weight)

*1 inch=2.54cm, 1.0 kg=2.205 pounds



【Product Description】
■Size : Blade: Approx. 78 cm , Handle: 30 cm , Overall: 108 cm
■Weight: Approx. 1.2 kg (1.5 kg including its package weight)
■The material of the blade: Zinc alloy
■The scabbard material: Black lacquered hard wood
■Tang Material: stingray skin(black) laced with red thread
■Tsuba(hand guard) : Metal alloy “南無妙法蓮華経“(Namu Myoho Renge Kyo)= Buddism saying
■Menuki(sword decoration inside the lacing) : Metal alloy
■Fuchigashira material(sword decoration on the bottom of the tang) :Metal alloy(dragon decoration)


【Guide to Appreciating Replica Japanese Sword 】
After you have earned your favorite replica sword, there are countless ways to enhance your Japanese sword experience.
For starters, we have listed up a few things you may like to do with your replica sword.

Inspect and feel the artistry of the sword. You will be amazed by the maker’s work quality in attempts to make it look the best.

Find the right place to display
Katana should look the best when displayed the best way. Find the best place in your house, your office, or someone’s place when in gifting so the sword would be appreciated for as much of the time as you like. You may also want to get a good sword stand or wall hanger for perfecting it.

Learn the details
Japanese swords are assembled much more intricately assembled than you may imagine. The replicas reflect quite a lot of those detailed features of the real ones. You may learn the name of each segment, the joints, and how they all come together to compliment the whole piece.

Learn the History
Many of our products are the signature models of real Samurai in the past time. You may learn the history behind them and the exquisite depth of Samurai history as a whole. A brief description of how the original sword came about is given beside the product pictures.


【Please read the information below before you make a purchase】
1. About the Sword
This product is a none-cuttable or none-edged replica sword on the blade, which is display only.

2. Payment method
We accept payment through Stripe (Credit card) or PayPal. If you prefer other payment methods, please contact us.

3、Shipping Duration
We ship via EMS (Japanese Postal Service). It usually takes at least 5-14 days to deliver the package after you place an order.
It might take longer, depending on seasons or custom clearance.
We will inform you of the order’s tracking number via email. Please make sure you fill out your valid email address correctly.

*Please keep in mind that due to the spread of COVID-19, there are delays in shipping to many countries because most of the airlines are reducing the number of flights from Japan. If you like to know the detail about shipping, please feel free to ask us.

4. Notes
Please ensure that the country of your order’s destination allows you to import replica swords before you make a purchase.
If you would like to see the list of countries to which we have previously shipped replica swords, please jump to this link

We usually send out our packages to our customers in these countries below:
USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Hong Kong, etc.

5. What is NOT included
The sword stand in the picture does not come with the product.
We sell the sword stands as well. Available here.

6. Caution
Although this product is indeed a replica sword, you could hurt people when misused. You may not disassemble or adjust the sword. This product is solely made for ornamental purposes.

If you like to check more replica swords, please check the link below.



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