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Updated: 21 Apr 2024

Japanese lacquer box
Makie Roiro Fubako


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Title: Hana Matsu Tsuru Makie Roiro Fubako

Signature: NO SIGNED
Material: wood, lacquer

Size Weight
Brown wood box 26.7cm × 15.3cm × 10.5cm 370g
Lacquer box 24.6cm × 9.5cm × 6.3cm 350g

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Title: Hana Matsu Tsuru Makie Roiro Fubako

 Fubako (文箱/文筥) is a kind of box. It has been used to store letters, papers, or books, and it is also used to deliver documents to the other party.

 This lacquer box has an elongated-shape with rounded corners. Roiro means black lacquer’s deep and beautiful black color. The inside and the base of its backside are coated glossy brown gold color. This Fubako is covered with a brown wooden box.

 Hana (花, flower), Matsu (松, pine tree), and Tsuru (鶴, crane) are designed on the front of the rid with *Makie (蒔絵) technique. The same type of flower motif is put for metal parts at both sides of the lacquer box to fasten orange strings. This flower might be Ume (梅, Japanese apricot blossoms). Japanese apricots begin to bloom in winter when snow still covers its tree so that this flower tells the arrival of spring. People appreciate its adorable petal shape and scent, gracefully branched tree, and compose many poems. As it comes out in the cold season, it is said it symbolizes perseverance and vitality.

 The pine tree has been treated as a symbol of good luck because it keeps its green color by withstanding severe heat and cold. Also, some people believe that mountain hermit lives at pine trees and eat its nuts. Based on this belief, it is said that the pine tree represents longevity.

 This crane is Orizuru, the paper crafted crane. Senbazuru is one of the most popular Origami crafts in Japan, which was made of Origami paper. A thousand cranes of paper are jointed, and it’s mainly used for wishes of recovering. There is an idiom that says, cranes live for 1,000 years, turtles live for 10,000 years. Cranes live a long life. Therefore crane and turtle have been considered as the symbol of longevity since a long time ago. Also, as cranes make compatible couples, people think this bird pattern symbolizes a happy marriage. Due to its pure white feathers and dignified appearance, it was favorably used as a good omen design for various ornaments or furnishings such as Kimono (traditional Japanese costume) or Obi (belt for Kimono).

 This Fubako is decorated with various good-luck motifs. It is useful not only to store documents or books, but you can also put your favorite small articles or valuables. Or, you can also display it to enjoy as a part of the interior decoration in your room.

 *Makie……A typical technique of Japanese lacquer art that has been developed uniquely in Japan for about 1200 years. Firstly, it needs to draw a picture with lacquer on the surface with a thin brush. Next, sprinkle the gold powder from above to show the pattern before the lacquer hardens. This technique makes a gorgeous and elegant look to works.

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