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Updated: 22 Apr 2021


Antique Peony & Lion Incense Burner


Made in Japan
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Title: Botan Shishi Kouro

Maker: 二上常太郎(Futagami Tsunetaro)
Pseudonym: 元威(Gen i)
Material: Copper
Case: Paulownia

Three Shishi(Lion) hold this incense burner’s legs and two Houou(Fenghuang) are decorated at the body. It’s believed that lion pattern works well for driving out evil spirits. Houou is a member of four fantasy animals which is called “Shirei” with Kirin(Qilin), Kame(Turtle) and Ryu(Dragon) and it’s a god beast looks like a combination of chicken and peacock. It’s said that Houou would show up when the brilliant emperor appeared. People appreciate its graceful shape in Japan.

A lion roars on the lid. Botan(Peony) and  its buds can be found under the lion. Peony symbolizes happiness, wealth or perpetual youth and longevity. It has been expressed as one of the good meaning patterns, and believed as a sign of the rich harvest of the year.

The combination of two sacred creatures and peony make a sophisticate and gorgeous look.

Size Thichness Nakagoana Weight
5.1cm×4.1cm 0.35cm 2.0cm×0.8cm 62g




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Title: Botan Shishi Kouro

Tsunetaro Futagami

He was born in Takaoka City that is famous for traditional crafts. His works have been recognized and he devoted himself to making copper ware for around 60 years. His outstandig technique make high-quality artisanship so that many celebrities appreciate his works.

Profile of Tsunetaro Futa

1896 born in Takaoka City, Japan

1921 exhibited for National Industrial Fair, World Expo

1930 won a prize, 17th Craft Exhibition by ministry of commerce and industry

1967 won a prize, distinguished service award of Takaoka City

1975.3 authorization, technique holder of traditional craft and industry

1977 won aprize from Takaoka City

1982 pass away


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