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Updated: 21 Apr 2021

Celadon Incense Burner


Title: Kagome Monyou Sukashi Kouro

Material: Celadon

Size (Approx.) Weight
10 cm × 10 cm 541 g

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Title: Kagome Monyou Sukashi Kouro

 Kouro (香炉, incense burner) is made of Seiji (青磁, celadon). Seiji is a type of porcelain that is baked with a blue-green glaze that contains iron.

 Its lid is designed with the Kagome (籠目) pattern. As a design, Kagome means a mesh of baskets made from bamboo or a continuous grid of braid. It looks like a group of hexagram shape. Each pattern is composed of a star-shaped figure of equilateral triangles. Some people believed this motif had the power to exorcise evil spirits; therefore, the Kagome pattern has been used as a talisman. Since ancient times in Japan, people have considered that evil spirits and monsters do not like being gazed at by eyes. As the Kagome pattern gaps are regarded as “eyes,” people once thought of this design’s sacred power.  

 *As this item is an antique, please check each photo and ensure its condition.

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How to make sure the condition
 We uploaded high resolution photos for you to check its condition thoroughly. If you like to see more photos with different angles, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to send them to you so that you can make informed decision. 


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