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Updated: 12 May 2021


Shrine “Hontsubo-Bell”


It is a bell called the “Hontsubo Bell” that witten with the “Tokugawa clan” and the “Toshogu Shrine(東照宮)”. The Bell is thought to have been dedicated in the first year of Genroku(1688). Also, “Boshin(戊辰)” refers to the year that is more than 8 years divided by 60.

Tokugawa Family … Their clan managed politics in the Edo Shogunate(1603~1867).
Tokugawa Ieyasu … He was the first general of the Edo Shogunate. He fought as a Daimyo during the Sengoku period and later managed Japanese politics.

Mitsuba-aoi … It is a type of aoi-mon (mallow patterns), which have been used as Tokugawa family crests. It is forbidden for anyone other than the Tokugawa family to use it, and it has been regarded as a symbol of authority.

Toshogu … The shrine dedicated to Tokugawa Ieyasu. The most famous of them is Nikko Toshogu.

Hontsubo-Bell … It ’s a bell that rings at a shrine.

Genroku … The era name of Genroku indicates the period from 1688 to 1704. The first year of Genroku is 1688.


Vertical Horizontal Weight Circumference
15cm 13cm 520g 36.5cm


※This is antique. It has aged deterioration over time.