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Authentic Samurai Armor


Made in Japan
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36.5 cm/36.5 cm/140 cm *when you display on the box

*1 inch=2.54cm
Size : Width/Depth/height

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This armor was made in around Edo Period.

Kabuto (helmet)

■Helmet bowl: Red lacquered bowl

■Neck guard: Red lacquered Neck Guard laced with hazed orange

Maedate(front decoration):Kyousha(香車)

Kyousha is one of the pieces in Japanese chess game called Shogi.(将棋)

This decoration symplizes Samurai’s determination to only move foward without fear as Kyousha only moves forward in Shogi game.


■Cuirass: Red lacquered Cuirass made of leather

■Shoulder guards: Red lacquered shoulder guards laced with hazed orange

■Kusazuri:Red lacquered Kusazuri laced with hazed orange

Kusazuri is a skirt of plates attached to the cuirass

Small parts

■Armored sleeves: Red Lacquered sleeves

■Greaves :

■Shin guard:

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