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Antique Samurai Armor


Made in Japan
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Vertical Width Height Weight
39 cm 42 cm 190 cm 15 kg

*1 inch=2.54cm

*The size refers to when you display on the box

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Antique Samurai Armor

This armor was made around Azuchi Momoyama Period(1568-1600 A.D.)

Kabuto (helmet)
■Helmet bowl: Lacquered Zunari style Kabuto(Helmet)

■Shikoro(side neck guard):
gold leaf lacquered iron plates laced with navy blue

■Menpo(face guard):Gold Leaf lacquered iron half mask.
This type of half mask was popular as it was easy to breathe compared to the full mask that covers his nose.

■Wakidate(side decoration): Tentsuki(天衝)decoration
Tentsuki(天衝) is one of the largest decorations Samurai put on his helmet. The ornament on Kabuto is generally called Tatemono(立物), which also was a symbol of the wearer’s authority or dignity. The famous feudal clan, Ii family used Tentsuki design as their symbol mark in battles fields to identify their army from enemies. It is highly likely that this helmet is related to Ii family from Hikone area(Saga prefecture).

Gold leaf/Black lacquered iron riveted Okegawa Do laced with navy blue
Instead of using a large number of small lamellar plates called Kozane, This cuirass used large rectangular shaped iron plates riveted.
The name Okegawa came from the fact that the shape of this cuirass resembles the side(Gawa in Japanese) of Oke(Japanese wooden tub).

■Sode(Shoulder guards): There is no shoulder guard

■Kusazuri:Gold leaf lacquered iron Kusazuri laced with navy blue thread

Kusazuri is a skirt of plates attached to the cuirass

Small parts
■Kote(Armored sleeves): Intricate iron chain mail with silk and the hand guard is coated with lacquer

■Haidate(thigh protection) : The same structure as the cuirass. There are gold leaf arrow designs. These arrows are called Karimatayajiri(狩俣鏃)

■Suneate(Shin guard): Black lacquered iron Suneate

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