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Wakizashi refers to around a 30-60 cm long blade (11.8-28.6 inch) and worn on the waist as well as Katana. It was carried as a backup next to Katana. Samurai needed to use Wakizashi when he fought in a small room or with proximity, where Katana would be too long to unsheathe. Also, Samurai had to leave his Katana to the guard when Samurai entered a castle, while Wakizashi was allowed to bring inside as self-protection.

Wakizashi gained more presence as the Edo Government had launched the national law during the Edo period(1603-1868 A.D.) to force all Samurai to wear Katana and Wakizashi to identify themselves as the military officers of the regime.
Now, the antique Japanese swords are regarded as pieces of artwork and are allowed to export overseas unless they are national treasures. So many people are enthusiastic about Japanese swords worldwide. Please check our collection below.

Updated: 13 Jun 2024

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