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Red Armour with Dark Blue lacing(less shiny)


65cm/55cm/152cm  *when you display on the box

45cm/42cm/55cm  *when you store in the box

*Main parts are made of iron.
*It is available on request. It takes about one- two month to produce this armor.


Kabuto (helmet)

■Helmet bowl: Red lacquered Suji bowl riveted by 12 iron plates

*Suji means stripes. You can see 12 stripes on this helmet

■Front decoration: Crescent decoration

■Neck guard: Red lacquered neck guard lacing with dark blue(4 layers)


■Cuirass: Red lacquered cuirass

■Shoulder guards:  Red lacquered shoulder guard laced with dark blue (6 layers)

■Kusazuri: Red lacquered kusazuri laced with dark blue(5 layers)

Kusazuri is a skirt of plates attached to the cuirass

Small parts

■Armored sleeves: Red lacquered sleeve


■Shin guard

*Every armor on our website is wearable. Suitable size is under 180cm high and under 110cm around the waist. If you have a special request, we might be able to customize with extra price.

*Each armor comes with a black lacquered wooden storage box and a wooden stand to have the armor stay still on the box. And there is an instruction paper printed in English for you to assemble and to wear the armor.

*It takes about one or two months to produce this armor since this is handmade.

*  You can only order ONE armor per purchase.



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