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Updated: 21 Jul 2024


Japanese Beauty Set


Made in Japan
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In Van Gogh painting, in Hollywood movie, and just around the corner in Japan, you might have admired the JAPANESE BEAUTY. And no secrets… here are what you need to be like one! Japanese Beauty Set brings the traditional wisdom and modern technology together, and is perfected with some of the traditional colors deep rooted in our culture.

What you will find in this set
“Gofun” nail polish
Face-wash soap
Lip gloss
All-body cream
Face Mask
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<“Gofun” nail polish by Uebaesou>


UEBAESOU, the oldest Japanese paint company, was established in 1751. After being on their paint business for almost 260 years, they created a whole new product: nail polish. It is handmade like their authentic paints, and “gofun” is still an important material in their nail polish. It is a Japanese traditional pigment, of which the main component is calcium carbonate; made from scallop shell, powdered, elutriated and then dried.

<The colors (※you’ve got one of these ※Can’t choose these ※Random)>

N0070鮮紅朱(vivid crimsonvermillion)
Representing the Japanese red, this color is used for shrines and lacquer products.
N0040水藤(wisteria on the water)
Known by the name “Japanese wisteria,” this soft purple with blue note has admired women of all times.
Indigo has been a highly popular color in Japan, partly because its old pronunciation resembles that of “victory.”
N0050鶯緑(nightingale green)
Appearing in the Japanese document first in 910AD, nightingales has their name in this traditional color for 150 years.
N0045桃花色(Peach Flower)
Peach flowers remind us of the “girls’ day” in March that we celebrate with them, and our longing for the arrival of spring.

<When you use…>
This gofun nail polish is water-soluble, which makes it very easy for you to put on, and quick to dry in just 1-2min. For the same reason, you can take it off with some rubbing alcohol as well. Your nails can breathe. No bad smell😉
To take the nail polish off: first, put alcohol-saturated cotton puff on your nail and leave it for a while, then take the color off by transferring it into the cotton puff. Don’t rub. Please put your nail in the lukewarm water to soften the nail polish when you find it hard to take off. Store the nail polish in a place between 5℃ to 35℃.

Common ingredients: C4-8 alkyl acrylate copolymer, water, benzyl alcohol, scallop shell powder, propylene glycol, PEG-7 glyceryl cocoate, simethicone, glyceryl caprylate Color-specific ingredients; for 鮮紅朱(vivid crimson vermillion), ammonia water, styrene/acrylates copolymer, titanium dioxide, yellow 205, red 226; for 水藤(wisteria on the water), acrylates copolymer, sodium sulfite, red 106, blue 1; for 藍(indigo), acrylates copolymer, styrene/acrylates copolymer, ammonia water,
red 226, blue 404; for 鶯緑(nightingale green), acrylates copolymer, styrene/acrylates copolymer, ammonia water, titanium dioxide, carbon black, red 220, yellow 205, blue 404; for 桃花色(Peach Flower), acrylates copolymer, styrene/acrylates copolymer, ammonia water, titanium dioxide, red 220, red 226, yellow 205, blue 404 (all listed above)
———- ———- ———- ———- ———-
<Kneaded grain soap by Kyo-miori>

恋する珠肌はんどくりーむ 08月桔梗
This grain face wash is used in Kyo-miori’s own beauty salon, and makes your skin clearer with the botanical power; mainly rice, wheat, and corn. Their vegetable oil raises excrements, and its protein take the excrements away by holding them. Having no artificial surfactants, it doesn’t lather. Aside from the grains, this soap contains:
– soybean extract; to give moisture to your skin, and condition its texture
– avocado oil; to keep the moisture of, and soften your skin with various vitamins in avocado
– aloe vera juice; to help skin cell turnover, and make your skin clear and alive

<How to use the soap>
You can use this soap in 2 ways; as a face-wash, or a face-mask. One package is for 1-2 times use.
Before use: Mix the soap well. Add water and blend to your favorite texture. Wet your face with water.
As face-wash: Spread 1 tablespoon of this soap over your wet skin. Massage your skin by stroking, not rubbing. Wash off.
As face-mask: Spread this soap over your wet skin. Leave it for a few minutes. Wash off, and you’d find your skin’s got more moisture😊 Better when you are taking bath.

BG, talc, rice protein, kaolin, cornstarch, wheat protein, casein sodium (sodium caseinate), cyclodextrin, gum arabic, dextrin, avocado oil, aloe vera juice, soybean extract, rice bran extract, millet bud extract, chlorophyllin-bronze complex (all ingredients listed above).
Warnings: Watch your face, and if this soap doesn’t work good with your skin, please stop using it. Avoid the soap from coming into your eyes. When it does, please don’t rub and wash your eyes well, and if some discomfort remains in your eyes, please see the ophthalmologist.
———- ———- ———- ———- ———-
<“Houseki” lip gloss by Kyo-miori>

“Houseki” means JEWELRY… so Kyo-miori’s lip gloss gives shine to your style, not only from the outside (with its brilliant color), but also from the inside (with its quality ingredients). You can find “hana-kanzashi(花簪)” illustrated on this lip gloss. Kanzashi is a Japanese traditional hair pin with various shapes and decorations. 花簪 is one with gorgeous hana(flowers), like the one in the photo (right).

The lip gloss looks fabulous! And then you’d wonder what’s good inside…
– fermented soy milk; gives moisture
– honey; prevents your lips from getting dry
– tea leaf extract; prevents rough lips
– silkworm cocoon extract; makes good texture
– jojoba oil; prevents rough dry lips
Mineral oil, hydrogenated polyisobutene, diisostearate polyglyceryl-2, diphenylsiloxy phenyl trimethicone, paraffin, micro-crystalline wax, squalane, jojoba oil, stearyl glycyrrhetinate, dipalmitoy hydroxyproline, tocopherol, BHT, sodium hyaluronate, silkworm cocoon extract, tea leaf extract, fermented soy milk, honey, hydrolyzed collagen, water, BG, triisostearate polyglyceryl-2, titanium oxide, aluminum hydroxide, mica, (PET/polymethyl methacrylate)laminate, iron oxide, barium sulfate, red no. 202, yellow no. 205, blue no. 204 (all ingredients listed above)
———- ———- ———- ———- ———-
<Komenuka cream by Mamy Sango>


Not just sushi, but in all aspects of Japanese life lies RICE (kome). In north Kyushu, rice farming started as early as B.C. 2-3 century, and as it spread over Japan, there developed the first villages and small nations. Rice has been used as a currency, and paid as tax for a long time. Komenuka (rice bran) has been used in many ways, too. We make pickles, rice oil, detergent, fertilizer, & COSMETICS. And the modern chemistry tells us that rice bran has a lot of nutritions that all work for our skin…

<Good things inside… komenuka cream>
So what’s good about komenuka? For the cosmetic use, the best ingredients are vitamins B1 & B2 (lighten skin spots) and vitamin E which prevents skin aging. But it doesn’t end there! Rice bran also has calcium, iron, potassium, protein, vitamin A, niacin, and minerals. They work differently, but all good for your skin. This butter-like cream contains camellia oil, cacao fat and jojoba oil, aside from this great komanuka oil. Named after Maikos, this cream makes you like a beautiful Maiko, who brightens up her skin with komenuka. *This product is scented with natural orange.

Water, komenuka(rice bran) oil, glyceryl stearate, jojoba oil, PEG-45 stearate, butylene glycol, cacao fat, cetearyl alcohol, cyclopentasiloxane, camellia oil, orange oil, xanthan gum, phenoxyethanol, annatto, methylparaben, EDTA-2Na, propylparaben (all ingredients listed above) This is the all-body cream, so you can use it for your face as well as your body. When you store, please avoid high and low temperature, high humidity and direct sunlight.
———- ———- ———- ———- ———-
<Washi-inspired “Riguru” face mask>

In Tosa dialect, “riguru” means to pay great care/conscience, and also to dress up fine. Riguru face mask is inspired by washi (Japanese paper), which Tosa (current Kochi) has been famous for. Already in 927A.D., Tosa was listed to make paper for the imperial government in Kyoto. Today, Tosa washi is nationally-designated important intangible cultural property, and one of three famous washi production sites along with Echizen and Mino. Riguru face mask is made with great passion on this traditional Tosa washi.

<Face mask with history>
楮(Kozo, belongs to fig family) is central to washi making: kozo makes the paper stronger, softer and well-absorbing. So washi made from kozo has long been used by maikos and others who work in traditional performances for the cosmetic use. However, the aging of population, depopulation and the hard production process led to huge decrease in kozo production. Sansai, which created this Riguru face mask, has decided to restore fine Tosa kozo, and succeeded in growing kozo at their plants. Some processes are automated, reducing the burdens of people who work in the industry.

<Your skin pleaser>
It has already been mentioned that paper with kozo is good for your skin. Riguru face mask sheet is 3 layered with kozo, rayon, and pulp. This fearless trio makes the sheet firmly and evenly hold the moisture, and leaves no space between your skin so that your skin can absorb as much nutritions as it can👍
Of course, Riguru face mask is not just about the paper! Its concentrate is FREE of perfume, coloring, alcohol and petroleum surfactant agent. And it DOES contain collagen, keratin, deep ocean water, and “wakan” herbal extract, from Yoshino cherry leaves, ginger, tealeaf, soybean, white birch sap, etc. “Wakan” herbs have been used in our traditional medicine for more than 1,500 years: they started being used in China around 3,000B.C., and there are some developments in Japan, too.

Water, BG, glycerol, cordyceps sinensis extract, soluble collagen, soybean extract, keratin, sea water, white birch sap, hydrolyzed keratin, saxifraga sarmentosa extract, prun yedoensis leaf extract, camellia sinensis leaf extract, fermented soy milk, hydrolyzed collagen, ginger root extract, placental protein, potassium hydroxide, carbomer, methylparaben, phenoxyethanol, ethylparaben (all ingredients listed above).
———- ———- ———- ———- ———-



When it comes to exploring different cultures, how modern people keep their ancestors’ knowledge alive would be an interesting perspective. This set has shown you our appreciation and embracement for our culture, based on a highly universal human wish to be beautiful. Please enjoy, and be a beauty😉 Loved items in this set? Here are who made them for you…
Uebaesou:, (EN)
Mamy Sango:
Riguru: (brand website) (corporate website)