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Updated: 12 Jun 2024

Antique Tobacco Case-Tabaco Ire (Kiseru-12)


Delivery Time: 5 – 14 DAYS
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Material: metal, leather

NOT INCLUDED: Kiseru (Japanese smoking pipe)

If you would like to purchase a Kiseru, please check the link below.
Kiseru(Japanese Smoking Pipe) | Samurai Museum Shop

Length Width Weight
4.5cm (pipe case)
8.0cm (tobacco case)
20.5cm (pipe case)
13.5cm (tobacco case)

You can enlarge all the photos to see the detail of the item.

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 This item is a Tabaco Ire (たばこ入れ). The Fukuro (袋, pouch) and Kiseru-Dutsu (きせる筒, container of smoking pipe) are tied with metal chains and could be hung from the waist through a cord or belt. Tabaco Ire is a container to store chopped tobacco. In the early Edo period, it was considered elegant to wrap chopped tobacco in white paper. But people who were engaged in outdoor works tied it to a handmade purse and hung it on their waist. In addition, some people remodeled and used the Douran (胴乱, a case to store valuables or gunpowder). This way, Tabaco Ire gradually spread among ordinary people and reached the upper class. Various types of Tabaco Ires were made; Sage-Tabaco Ire (提げたばこ入れ, hang from the waist) and Kaichu-Tabaco Ire (懐中たばこ入れ, put inside of Kimono) are the typical styles. It is said the latter type was appreciated, especially Samurais and ladies.

 If you focus on the metal fitting of the Fukuro part, you will find the figures of two lions playing with each other. And flowers are blooming around them. This theme is the combination of peonies and the Kara-Jishi (唐獅子). It is a classical subject and favored designing for various items since a long time ago. The Shishi (獅子) means a lion in Japanese, and the Kara-Jishi is a lion brought from the continent to Japan in the Toh period (唐, Tang dynasty, 618-907). The Kara-Jishi typically has curly hair for its head, neck, body, and tail. In Buddhism, the Kara-Jishi is regarded as a symbol of wisdom, and the Monju Bosatu (文殊菩薩, Manjushri Bodhisattva) rides lions. According to a theory, the Kara-Jishi originates from the Komainu (狛犬, stone guardian dogs that exorcize evil spirits).

 Peony represents happiness, wealth, nobleness, and gorgeousness. This flower pattern has been treated as a good-omen motif; people regarded it as a rich harvest sign. Peony is called the Botan in Japanese. When we write this flower’s name in Japanese, its second letter means mountain hermit medicine to give us eternal youth. Based on the meaning of this letter, the peony pattern symbolizes eternal youth and longevity.

 There is a Houwa (法話, Buddhist monks tell the story of Buddhism in an easy-to-understand manner) that treats the Kara-Jishi and this flower. The lion is called the king of the beasts. However, even this invincible animal has only one fear; a bug in the lion’s body. This pest grows in the lion’s hair and eventually breaks the skin and bites the flesh. Nevertheless, it dies if it is exposed to be the night dew of a peony. Therefore, the lion rests under peony flowers at night, looking for a haven. This Tabaco Ire’s design might have been quoted from this story.

 *As this item is an antique, please check each photo and ensure its condition.

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【How to make sure the condition】
 Please keep in mind that what you are going to purchase is an antique item. We uploaded high resolution photos for you to check its condition thoroughly. If you like to see more photos with different angles, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to send them to you so that you can make informed decision. 

 It is essential for us to know that you are happy with your choice of antique item and we are prepared to use the best of our ability to serve you.


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