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Sakai Shiro-2 Iwakuni Sashimi cooker knife(300 mm)


Made in Japan
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Knife Model:Sakai Shiro-2 Iwakuni Sashimi Cooker knife
Blade Material: Shiro-2(Yasukihagane:Steel)
Blade Grind and Edge Shape: Single Edge
Handle Material: Magnolia/Water Buffalo(black part)

*This is a hand-made product and it might take 2 weeks to 2 months to restock it once it is sold out.

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Sashimi Cooking Knife 300mm
Cutting edge length:300mm
Total Length:450mm
Blade Thickness:5mm
Blade Width:35mm
Handle Length:150mm
Total Weight:300 g(400 g including its package)

*This cooking knife is hand-made therefore each one has slightly different length.

SASHIMI knife (single-edged)
SASHIMI(刺身) knife is a Japanese knife primarily used to cut fish and to make sashimi slices or filet fish. Please use this knife carefully as it is more sensitive and thinner than DEBA knife.
There are various lengths of SASHIMI knives. The length depends on how big your kitchen is and how skillful you are with cooking knives.
One of the characteristics of long SASHIMI knives is that it saw off ingredients by using a whole edge. Therefore, the shape of the cross-section used with Sashimi knife is smoother, and the taste becomes better than ones cut by a short knife. At first, this knife is hard to handle, so we recommend you to use a knife whose edge is between 240mm and 270mm length.
Other Types of Japanese Cooking Knives

The material
Shiro-kami series is kind of pure Hagane steels.
These Shiro-kami series are one of the most similar materials to that of a Japanese sword. This type of knife contains a lot of carbon, so it gets rusty easily and fast. Also, it needs constant maintenance and care. HRC61~63.

Shiro-kami 1st has most carbon in knives; therefore, it is hardest in Shiro-kami series. However, the knife loses its toughness and sharpness when not taken care properly. It is challenging to sharpen it to make the perfect blade shape again if you are not a trained whetter or chef.
You must not cut bones, frozen foods because the blade might get chipped. This knife is for professional chefs who know how to handle and maintain it.

Shiro-kami 2nd has lower carbon than the 1st. It is one of the favorite materials for making cooker knives because it is easy to handle and keep its sharpness. Also, the price is reasonable.
One disadvantage is easy to get rusty but compared to the 1st, you can whet it by yourself. We recommend this type of knife if you want to use it in your kitchen.

Weight 500 g

Only 1 left in stock



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