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Updated: 28 Jan 2023

音蔵(OGURA) The storehouse of sound_Big


音蔵(OGURA) The storehouse of sound

Available on request: 3-6 months for delivery after placing an order

OGURA(the audio speaker) is infused with the traditional woodwork called ROKURO work that is recognized as a traditional craft with 1000 years of its history in Japan. We are confident that you will be happy to see beautiful grains that come from carefully chosen Japanese zelkova(one type of tree famous for its beautiful grains) and to listen to the soothing sounds that are produced by the unique shape of the speaker.

The cylindrical shape is one of the best ways to make smooth sound waves across the speaker. And, the installed wood cone helps to make rich and beautiful sounds because the sound travels fast through the wood, which absorbs unnecessary sounds as well. It is fascinating to see the uniformed design along with the grains on the speaker.