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Ninja skateboard


Made in Japan(Painting)
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Do you like skateboards?

Skateboard and Japanese craftsman collaborated!!
Japan’s world-class traditional craft “lacquering”.
A representative technique “Makie” was applied to develop a new skateboard deck.
The deck is a 7-ply deck of Canadian maple, and is a super hard deck that is hard and has good resilience because it uses epoxy bond for crimping.
The size is 7.75inch (19.7cm) that can be handled from beginner to advanced.

The design is a gold-blown to black gradient background with a ninja caricature and is recommended for those who want to make a brilliant trick like a ninja.

Seiyado’s lacquered deck inherits the techniques of traditional crafts, and each process is done by hand at MADE IN JAPAN.
It is carefully manufactured with time and effort, such as spraying lacquer, painting with lacquer painting, and drying between each process.




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