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Modern authentic Japanese Sword signed by Minamoto Kunitsugu


Made in Japan
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Signed: Minamoto Kunitsugu(front)/ Utsushi Kotetsu   The 13 rd year of Heisei in August(back)

Included: traditional sword carrying case, Sword maintenance kit, full exportation support

Category Katana
Age Heisei period(2001)
Swordsmith Minamoto Kunitsugu
Location Tokushima Prefecture
Blade Size Length:  76.9 cm/Curvature: 1.7 cm


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Modern authentic Japanese Sword signed by Minamoto Kunitsugu
Minamoto Kunitsugu is a modern Japanese swordsmith who lives in Tokushima prefecture today. His swords are famous for Tameshigiri(test cutting). He produces his original steel to forge swords. His work looks really strong and cuts very well. Mihaba(width) is broad, and its weight is quite hefty. He made this blade in 2001, being inspired by Kotetsu, who was one of the most famous swordsmiths in the Edo period. Kotetsu researched an old way to make swords(KOTO-style), collecting old iron from mountains to produce carbon steels for his blades.
In contrast, other sword makers applied a new method to produce swords using high-quality pure steel, which made it possible with the progress of iron refining in the Edo period. (SHINTO-style)However, Kotetsu tried to recreate the Koto style sword, so as Kunitsugu.
Kunitsugu also made his steel while other modern sword makers used the same carbon steel(Tamahagane) produced by a specific maker.

About Modern Swordsmith
There are around 150-200 swordsmiths in Japan today. To legally produce Japanese swords, you need to pass the national exam given by the Agency for Cultural Affairs(Bunka-Cho) and receive the license. Before taking the exam, one must finish his or her apprenticeship under a licensed master for more than five years.
Those who practice Iaido(居合道) use those modern swords, and there are modern Japanese sword collectors nationwide.
The modern Japanese sword makers are researching old ways to forge swords and try to recreate ancient style swords. They are the ones who keep the tradition of Japanese history alive.


Length  76.9 cm
Curvature 1.7 cm


HamonThe blade pattern created by the tempering process

JimonVisible surface pattern on the steel


Nakago:Minamoto Kunitsugu(front)/ Utsushi Kotetsu   The 13 rd year of Heisei in August


【Other Details】

Fuchi-KashiraA pair of matching sword fittings that cover the upper and bottom parts of its sword hilt. 

Tsuka and MenukiTsuka is the handle of the Japanese sword and Menuki is its decoration .

Tsuba and HabakiTsuba is the handguard for the Japanese Sword and Habaki is the equipment to make the blade not touch its scabbard inside.It prevents the blade from getting rusty and chipped.

SayaSaya is the scabbard for the Japanese sword. 

Registration paperTokushima 28091
The Board of Education in Tokushima issued a registration paper for this sword in the same year the sword was forged(2001). In order to obtain this paper, the sword needs to be traditionally hand forged. With this paper, its owner can legally own an authentic Japanese sword.


———- ———- ———- ———- ———-

Japanese Sword& Export Process
The Japanese swords we deal with are hand-forged edged swords. Each Japanese sword is registered under the Agency for Cultural Affairs and the Board of Education in Japan.They issue a registration paper for each Japanese sword for the owner in Japan to legally possess it. After receiving the full payment from you, we will return the registration paper to the Board of Education and apply for its permit to Agency for Cultural Affairs(Bunkacho) to legally export the sword from Japan to other countries. It normally takes around 1-1.5 months to receive this permit. And we would like you to expect at least 2-3 months for your order to arrive at your given address after you ordered.

We have shipped Japanese swords to the USA, France, Canada(BC, AB), Australia, and Mexico. If you don’t live in these countries and like to order, please contact us first before making a purchase.

Once we receive the export permit, we will inform you and ask if it is okay for us to ship. After confirming you are ready to receive the sword, we will proceed with its shipping. We use package cushioning to protect the item and put it in a PVC pipe, which is one of the most secure packages because of its durability.

We ship with EMS(Japan Post Office), an international shipping carrier based in Japan. We will send you a tracking number for your order as soon as we hand it to the post office. We will put 100 % insurance on the shipping document without any extra charge. Based on the total amount, there might be a duty tax to pay, depending on the countries.

It will normally takes 5-14 days for the item to arrive at your given address after we dispatch it. Time of delivery is estimated as accurately as possible by the carrier but does not take into account any delays beyond our control such as by inclement weather, post office holiday seasons.

*Please keep in mind that due to the spread of COVID-19, there are delays in shipping to many countries as most of the airlines are reducing the number of flights from Japan. If you like to know the detail about shipping, please feel free to ask us.

How to buy an antique Japanese Sword

【Payment Method】
We accept payment through Stripe(Credit card) or Paypal. If you prefer other payment method, please contact us. After confirming the payment from you, we will apply for an export permit.


A Guide to Japanese Sword Maintenance
If you like to know how to take care of the Japanese sword, here is the video for you. Mr. Paul Martin, Japanese sword expert, shows you how to give proper maintenance to your sword. When you purchase a Japanese sword from us, you can get a Free sword maintenance kit, which appears in this video.


If you like to see more antique Japanese swords for sale, please check the link below.

Only 1 left in stock



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