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Updated: 19 Jun 2024


Hand-made Red lacquered Menpo Face Guard made by Marutake


Made in Japan
Free Shipping Worldwide

What is Menpo?
Menpo is the face guard of Samurai armor. It is normally coated with lacquer to gain more strength. The front neck guard is typically laced with silk or cotton thread.


Hand-made Red lacquered Menpo Face Guard made by Marutake

What is Marutake?
Their mission is to let the world know how beautiful traditional Japanese Samurai armor is. MARUTAKE, which produces more than 90 % of new Samurai armor in Japan, is located in Kagoshima prefecture in KYUSHU island, the southern part of Japan. It started as a fishing tool company and gradually shifted toward armor-making because of the founder’s strong affection for Samurai.To learn more, please click here.


【About us】
 Samurai Museum is located in Tokyo, Japan, exhibiting antique artifacts related to the Samurai history. Samurai Museum Shop is the good place for those who are interested in Samurai culture and Japanese craftsmanship. We deal with antique/replica Samurai swords, armor, sword mountings, traditional Japanese crafts and so on. 


【Payment method】
 We accept payment through Stripe (Credit card) or PayPal. If you prefer other payment methods, please contact us.
You can either pay in Japanese Yen or US Dollars. The price is decided in Japanese Yen. The price in US dollar is calculated automatically based on an exchange rate.


【Shipping Duration】

We ship via EMS (Express Mail Service) provided by Japan Post. It usually takes at least 5-14 days to deliver the package after you place an order.
 It might take longer, depending on seasons or custom clearance.
We will inform you of the order’s tracking number via email. Please make sure you fill out your valid email address correctly.

 *Please keep in mind that due to the spread of COVID-19, there are delays in shipping to many countries because most of the airlines are reducing the number of flights from Japan. If you like to know the detail about shipping, please feel free to ask us.