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Antique Mid Edo Period Samurai Armor Yoroi withTokubetsu Kicho Shiryo Certificate


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*1 inch=2.54cm

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Antique Mid Edo Period Samurai Armor Yoroi with Tokubetsu Kicho Shiryo Certificate

This armor was made in the middle of the Edo Period according to the certificate.

Kabuto (helmet)
■Helmet bowl: Tetsusabiji Suji Kabuto(Helmet)
Suji Kabuto consists of many small riveted iron plates to form its shape. The surface is Tetsusabiji style, which only applied lacquer for paint base for the iron not to get rusty. It looks less shiny than normal lacquered surface.Hoshi means Stars in Japanese. The rivets would look like stars.

■Shikoro(side neck guard):
Black lacquered iron plates laced with navy blue

■Menpo(face guard):Iron mask with mustache made of horse tail hair.
This type of Menpo(Faceguard) is called Retsusei Menpo(烈勢面頬) It represents the angry face to intimidate enemies.

■Madate(Front decoration): dragon
Dragon is a mythological animal and it represents a special power. It was one of the most popular designs for front decorations.

■Do(Cuirass): Tetsusabiji Gomai Do
Gomai Do is a kind of cuirass for Tousei Gusoku(Modern armor). Gomai Do was named after the fact that Gomai means five plates, and Do means torso in Japanese. This part can be separated into five pieces and connected with a hinge. Typically, the hinge is located on the left side, and you can tighten this cuirass on the right side. This cuirass has the decoration of Fudo Myo-o(不動明王), which is a protective god in Buddhism, particularly Japanese Shingon Buddhism. This god was also known as a god of wars. Samurai believed in the power of this god so they put decorations of this god on either armor or samurai sword.

■Sode(Shoulder guards): iron Sode laced with navy blue thread. It has butterfly decoration. A larva becomes a chrysalis and it grows up to butterfly. As this insect changes its looks, it symbolizes reborn therefore Samurai loved butterfly pattern.

■Kusazuri:lacquered iron Kusazuri laced with navy blue thread

Kusazuri is a skirt of plates attached to the cuirass

Small parts
■Kote(Armored sleeves): Intricate iron chain mail with silk and the hand guard is coated with lacquer

■Haidate(thigh protection) : Haidate is a shin guard

■Suneate(Shin guard): lacquered iron Suneate


Certification:Tokubetsu Kicho Shiryo Certificate

The cerificate was issued by The Association for the Research and Preservation of Japanese Helmets and Armor, which is the most trusted Japanese armor appraiser in Japan. Tokubetsu Kicho Shiryo means an especially precious cultural article. It is ranked as a third highest of five rankings.

Only 1 left in stock