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Antique Japanese Sword Katana Signed by Masayuki
NTHK Certificate


Made in Japan
Free Shipping Worldwide

Signed: Boushu Ju Fujiwara Masayuki(豊洲住藤原正行)

Included: NTHK certificate, traditional sword carrying case, Sword maintenance kit, full exportation support

Category Katana
Age Kanbun Period(1661-1673 A.D.)
Swordsmith Fujiwara Masayuki
Certificate NTHK Certificate
Location Bungo(Oita Prefecture today)
Blade Size Length: 69.6 cm/Curvature:1.1 cm


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Antique Japanese Sword Katana Signed by Masayuki NTHK Certificate
Fujiwara Masayuki started to be active on sword forging from 1648 A.D.(the beginning of the Edo period). He was known as the son of Saneyuki, a famous swordsmith in Bungo Province. (Today’s Oita prefecture). Masayuki had third generations and kept forging swords until 1763. The swords produced there were called Takadamono, which were quite popular among skilled Samurai warriors in the Sengoku period(warring state period.)

Length  69.6 cm
Curvature 1.1 cm

HamonThe blade pattern created by the tempering process

JimonVisible surface pattern on the steel

【Other Details】

Fuchi-KashiraA pair of matching sword fittings that cover the upper and bottom parts of its sword hilt. This Fuchigashira has beautiful gold inlay arts.

Tsuka and MenukiTsuka is the handle of the Japanese sword and Menuki is its decoration . It has dragon decoration.

Tsuba and HabakiTsuba is the handguard for the Japanese Sword and Habaki is the equipment to make the blade not touch its scabbard inside.It prevents the blade from getting rusty and chipped.


SayaSaya is the scabbard for the Japanese sword. There are oyster shell decorations on it.


CertificateNTHK Certificate


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Antique Japanese Sword& Export Process

All the antique Japanese swords we sell are hand-forged edged swords, which are at least 150 years old or older. Also, the blades were made of Japanese special carbon steel called TAMAHAGANE. 

 The Japanese sword is considered a cultural article for the Japanese Cultural Agency(Bunka-Cho). Therefore, we will need to obtain its export permit from the agency before we ship any Japanese swords overseas. It might take a long time to receive this permit so, we would like you to expect at least 2-3 months for us to ship the sword you ordered. We have shipped antique Japanese swords to USA, UK, France, Australia, Canada(BC, AB province), Mexico before. Once we receive the permit, we will ship your sword with a PVC pipe, which is one of the most secure packages because of its durability.

We ship by EMS(Japan Post Office), an international shipping carrier based in Japan, and inform you of a tracking number for your sword. We will put 100 % insurance for your sword without any extra charge.

*Please keep in mind that due to the spread of COVID-19, there are delays in shipping to many countries as most of the airlines are reducing the number of flights from Japan. If you like to know the detail about shipping, please feel free to ask us.

How to buy an antique Japanese Sword

【Payment Method】
We accept payment through Stripe(Credit card) or Paypal. If you prefer other payment method, please contact us. After confirming the payment from you, we will apply for an export permit.


A Guide to Japanese Sword Maintenance
If you like to know how to take care of the Japanese sword, here is the video for you. Mr. Paul Martin, Japanese sword expert, shows you how to give proper maintenance to your sword. When you purchase a Japanese sword from us, you can get a Free sword maintenance kit, which appears in this video.


If you like to see more antique Japanese swords for sale, please check the link below.

Only 1 left in stock



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NTHK Certificate”

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