AineRy Fashion Musk (Men’s Size)
-Samurai blue comes to life again-


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100% Ryukyuai Musk from Okinawa

-Perfectly made in JAPAN

-Made of 100% cotton

-14.5 oz. denim

-Double gauzes lining

Washable musk made from Ryukyuai denim.
Please enjoy its fabric texture changes over the years. 


*We do not guarantee that this product will eliminate the possibility of personal injury or illness. Please enjoy it as a fashion.

*Due to the characteristics of the material, this product may stain other clothes when it gets wet with sweat or rain or when it is rubbed strongly. Please do not wash with other items because it may cause discoloration.

*We recommend hand washing. Due to the properties of denim fabric, it may shrink slightly. After hand washing, please do not use a dehydrator. And do not squeeze it. Please dry with a towel gently and air the musk in the shade. 

*After using the musk, please wash and dry it thoroughly before you use it again. We recommend keeping clean always the inside of the musk using a disinfectant spray. 

*If you have allergic reactions such as rough, dry skin, or eczema when using the musk, please discontinue putting it.

*This product is made from denim fabric dyed with 100 % natural indigo; it has a peculiar texture and scent. However, there is no problem with using it. 

*This item is available on request. If you like to know how long it takes to receive it, please feel free to ask us.

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