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Japanese swords under the blade length of 30cm (11.6 inches) are generally called TANTO. It was originally used as a supplemental weapon for Samurai on horseback, who used a pole weapon or long sword in the Kamaura-Muromachi period. Samurai aimed at an unprotected area of his enemy’s armor while having to fight with close distance. TANTO was named accordingly, depending on how you carry it, such as HUTOKORO-GATANA (懐刀; Stomach-Sword) or KOSHI-GATANA(腰刀; Waist-Sword) or else wise.

TANTO is also a gift for a bride from her family in a traditional Japanese wedding, as it is believed that TANTO would be sacred protection from evil power. Now, all the antique Japanese swords are regarded as pieces of artwork and are allowed to export overseas unless they are national treasures. So many people are enthusiastic about Japanese swords worldwide. Please check our collection below.

Updated: 13 Jun 2024

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