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  • $109.90

    Made in Japan Free Shipping Worldwide In Van Gogh painting, in Hollywood movie, and just around the corner in Japan, you might have admired the JAPANESE BEAUTY. And no secrets… here are what you need to be like one! Japanese Beauty Set brings the traditional wisdom and modern technology together, and is perfected with some of the traditional colors deep rooted in our culture. What you will find in this set – “Gofun” nail polish – Face-wash soap – Lip gloss – All-body cream – Face Mask ———- ———- ———- ———- ———- <“Gofun” nail polish by Uebaesou> UEBAESOU, the oldest Japanese paint company, was established in 1751. After being on…

  • $137.37

    Free Shipping Worldwide Do you know Ninja? Do you know the difference between Ninja and Samurai? Simply put, Ninja is an assassin and Samurai is a soldier. This is a replica of the weapon used by Ninja. Why don’t you become Ninja? Tekkou-Kagi (Replica: Made by Alloy) This weapon is used to attack the opponent, when climbing a wall, or to prevent the opponent from attacking. Kusari-Gama (Replica: Made by Alloy) A weapon that strikes a weight against an enemy, entangles a chain with an opponent’s weapon or limb to prevent movement, and slashes with a scythe. If you become an expert, you can smash the enemy’s skull with a single weight,…