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Christmas SALE for Sword Mountings 2022

Beautiful antique Japanese sword mountings are on sale: Tsubas (handguard), Menukis (sword hilt), Kozukas (knife handle), and Fuchi Kashiras (pommel)
are limitedly offered at special prices (UP TO 25% OFF).

The sword mountings have many great symbolisms, such as prosperity, happiness, and so on. We hope you can find the one (or some) that speaks to you, and you will add it (or them) to your collections. It is also a good idea to send one to your family or friends as a gift.

These sword mountings were initially made to reinforce a Koshirae (a mounting of a Japanese sword that protects its blade part). With the times, Japanese swords have also taken on the role of symbolizing status and authority. Therefore, people came to demand the practicality of Japanese swords as weapons and their beauty as ornaments.

In this trend, Samurai paid close attention to the detail of sword mountings and reflected their beliefs in the designs. Especially since the Edo period, the techniques of Japanese metalworking were developed remarkably, and lots of brilliant-looking sword mountings were created.

Sword mountings have passed with Japanese swords as a part of Koshirae for a long time. They are the traces of the age when Samurai warriors lived. Please enjoy this opportunity as a way to experience eternal history.

Updated: 3 Dec 2022

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