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Sword Mounting

The sword fitting of Japanese sword has many types of decorations such as handguard, sword hilt, pommel, kozuka. Japanese sword not only worked as a weapon but also as an object to show who he is. For example, it shows their personalities and beliefs. You could say that it is like decorations for smartphones today. We recommend you zoom in the pictures of sword fittings. When you do so, you can see the skill of Japanese metal engraving techniques.

They are mainly made of iron and copper with inlays of gold, silver, and bronze. When it comes to handguard (TSUBA), each one has a different outline and weight. These sword fittings that have lived with Japanese swords in the same age might be worth as much as Japanese swords. They are inconspicuous parts of the Japanese sword. Yet, If you are knowledgeable or particular about it, you will become a connoisseur of the samurai.

Tsuba: Handguard

Menuki: Sword hilt

Fuchi Kashira(Pommel)

Kozuka(Knife Handle)

Updated: 19 Jun 2024

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