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Authentic Japanese Sword

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    Made in Japan Free Shipping Worldwide NO SIGNED【YASUTSUGU】康継 EDO PERIOD(江戸時代;KANBUN 1661~1672 寛文頃) Certification:NTHK Swordsmith:3rd Generation YASUTSUGU(三代 康継) Location:MUSASHINOKUNI【TOKYO, SAITAMA Pref.】 The 1st generation YASUTSUGU had signed “ECHIZEN SHIMOSAKA” then moved to EDO. The SHOUGUN TOKUGAWA IEYASU gave him to use “YASU” of “IEYASU” for his signature and the hollyhock crest. So his name was changed to YASUTSUGU. 3rd generation YASUTSUGU is a son of 2nd generation YASUTSUGU. NO SIGNED【NAOMITSU】直光 EDO PERIOD(江戸時代;ANSEI 1854~1859 安政頃) Certification:NTHK Swordsmith:HOSODA NAOMITSU(細田 直光) Location:MUSASHINOKUNI【TOKYO, SAITAMA Pref.】 HOSODA NAOMITSU belonged to NAOTANE group. TAIKEI NAOTANE is top class swordsmith at SHINSHINTOU ERA. The original name of HOSODA is “HOSODA HEIJIROI(細田 平次郎)”. He was often called “KAJIHEI(鍛冶平), because he…

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    Made in Japan Free Shipping Worldwide CERTIFICARE : NBTHK TokubetuHozon SWORDSMITH : Bizentarou Sukekane LOCATION : Bizen (OKAYAMA Pref.) This blade is a shinogizukuri with iori-mune. This is a very worthy signed KATANA. The signature〔備前太郎祐包謹鍛之〕means bizentarou Sukekane made this blade very carefully. 〔明治四十三年戌八月日〕〔友成六十代正統〕 means he made this blade at MEIJI 43 years(1910)August and I’m the 60 generations swordsmith of 古備前 “TOMONARI”(HEIAN 987~). BIZENTAROU SUKEKANE was a swordsmith from SHINSHINTOU ERA、towards the end of MEIJI period―a time of great political and cultural change in Japan. The brilliant Koshirae also has a NBTHK Tokubetu Kichou Kodougu Certification, The fuchi-kashira (hilt fitting) is carved in high relief of a family crest on Shakudou…

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    Made in Japan Free Shipping Worldwide SIGNED〔HASHUUJYUU YUKIFUSA 羽州住 行房〕KEIOU Period(1865~  慶応頃~) CERTIFICATE : NBTHK HOZON(katana & wakizashi) SWORDSMITH : HASHUU YUKIFUSA LOCATION : DEWA 出羽 〔 AKITA & YAMAGATA] The blade is shinogi-zukuri with a iorimune. The singed WAKIZASHI is HASHUU-SAN YUKIFUSA(羽州産行房). It means YUKIFUSA was born in DEWA. The sined KATANA is HASHUUJYUU YUKIFUSA (羽州住行房). It is almost same meaning. JYUU(住)means living. These are Antique DAISHOU KOSHIRAE with both scabbard made of black lacqured Sharkskin. These hilt fitting are shakudou which have curved design of autumn leaves and insect with signed “HITOYANAGI OOSATO”(一柳 大里)【late EDO】.The antique menuki are gold colored leaves and flowers. The DAISHOU TUBA are shakudou with open…